Weekly Announcements

The following are the announcements for the week of January 26:

Special Offering – Australia Brushfires

This week, we are continuing to take an offering to provide aid for those affected by the devastating fires in Australia. We will be giving through Samaritan’s Purse. If you want to give towards this fund, please mark your envelopes with “Australia” or designate your offering accordingly through online giving.

Bridal Shower for Johannah Quanico

Ladies, please plan to join us for a bridal shower for Johannah Quanico next Sunday, February 2 at 1pm. See Andrea Aldaba for more information or to help bring food.

Young Adult Retreat - Registration Open

Our annual winter retreat for YAs (18-30 yrs old) is coming up quickly on February 28-March 1. We plan for this to be a wonderful time to retreat from the usual busyness of life, hear from the Lord, and hang out with friends from church. It will be at Circle Square Ranch, and costs $125 until February 23. No spots will be reserved without your registration cost, which can be e-transferred to calvary@calvarybaptistchurch.ca. Please sign up at the front of the sanctuary with the person with a clipboard.

Retreat Sponsorships

If you are able to financially sponsor a young adult to go on their annual retreat, please speak with Pastor Matt or Pastor Kenny.

Blossom Ladies’ Retreat

All ladies are invited to a women's day retreat on Saturday, February 22nd, from 8:00am - 4:30pm at Calvary Baptist Church in Pembroke, Ontario. This retreat's topic will be "Finding Joy in Christ in a Fallen World" with Angie Brown. Please sign up with Angela Rudd.

Serving Others

We are still in need of people willing to serve in hospitality (as greeters and ushers) and in children’s ministry (as teachers or assistants). If you can give of yourself to love people in these areas, that would be wonderful. Please let us know by emailing us.

Library News

There are a number of great new books in our library. However, with the prayer time being in the library between services, it may be harder to check books out. So be sure to peruse and take a book out either before the 9:00 service or after the 11:00!

Scent Request

Some in our church family have sensitivities to scents and chemicals. For the health and consideration of others, we’d like to ask everyone to please use unscented hygiene and cosmetic products on Sunday mornings. Thank you for your consideration.

Sermon Transcripts

If English is your second language and having a copy of the sermon would help you understand better, please let us know and we’ll get you a printed copy of the sermon.