Upcoming Events

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Weekly Announcements

The following are the announcements for the week of October 21:

Opportunities to Serve Others

We have a need of a large number of people to help out in a variety of areas around Calvary, especially as we prepare for 2 services in January. If you are able to help, please fill in the bulletin insert and drop it in an offering box.

Membership Class

Interested in officially becoming a member here at Calvary? Our next membership class will be held after church next Sunday, October 28. This class should help answer any questions you have and help you begin the process. Please RSVP to Pastor Kenny at kwallace@calvarybaptistchurch.ca. 

Dig & Delve 2018

The annual apologetics conference is returning to Ottawa this November 2-3 at the Bronson Centre, on the topic of “Life Hurts! God?” Register at diganddelve.ca.

Newcomers’ Lunch

If you are new to Calvary (anytime in 2018), mark November 11 on your calendars for a special luncheon after church just for you!

Pew Recycling

In the near future, our pews will be being replaced. If you would like to potentially own one of the old pews, or you know of a church/ministry/camp that could use some, please contact us at calvary@calvarybaptistchurch.ca.

Scent Request

Some in our church family have sensitivities to scents and chemicals. For the health and consideration of others, we’d like to ask everyone to please use unscented hygiene and cosmetic products on Sunday mornings. Thank you for your consideration.

Sermon Transcripts

If English is your second language and having a copy of the sermon would help you understand better, please let us know and we’ll get you a printed copy of the sermon.